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Here is a coffee-table book saluting the real Sentries of Mumbai, which we are happy to present to tree lovers everywhere. The idea grew, as would a huge tree from a tiny seed, from the enthusiasm of the students of the Tree-Appreciation Course started by the Centre for Extra-Mural Studies in the year 2003. The participants of this course were fascinated by the trees they had seen, and they animatedly exchanged notes and photographs and seed, flower and leaf collections. Their joy was infectious, and we decided to publish a booklet on the trees of Mumbai to accommodate their creativity. And thus was born this book.

Our course participants as well as some renowned botanists from the city have written the book. Along with botanical information, various cultural, social and literary references have also been included in these articles. This book contains articles on 113 trees, photographs of 128 trees and 120 photographs of details such as flowers, leaves and fruits. All of these photographs have been taken by the renowned photographer Mr. Sanju Hinge, making it a visual treat.

The book is being published in English as well as in Marathi. Dr. Sridhar Rajeswaran has freely translated the original Marathi text to English. One of India's most established ecologists-Prof. S.B. Chaphekar, the well-known taxonomist-Dr. C. S. Lattoo and the Director of the Centre for Extra-Mural Studies-Mugdha Karnik have edited both the books.

This coffee-table book, a product of the University of Mumbai, is a collectors' delight. The production has been sponsored by the Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. (ONGC). The books were launched on 21st July 2007.

Both the books are priced at Rs. 2000/- each. And are available at Centre for Extra-Mural Studies,2nd floor, Health Centre Bldg. Vidyanagari, Kalina, University of Mumbai.

25% discount for all Extra-Mural students and faculty.

20% Discount for Schools & Colleges

10% Discount on 2 copies or more

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