University of Mumbai
Centre for Extra-Mural Studies

Language : English

Duration : 4 Months

On Saturday only

Time : Sat 2 PM to 5 PM

Fees :12000/-

Eligibility : B.Sc Horticulture or Nursery and Gardening Course


Principles of Landscaping

landscape designing Plants, We and Environment. Effect of soil, climate etc.

Historical perspectives od Gardening

Styles of Garden design

Hard Landscaping - Role, Form, & Function as elements of design. The construction of paths, paving, fountains, water bodies and garden structure.

Reading Garden Plan

Soft Landscaping - Understanding practical, horticulture. Planning horticultural operations , execution of landscape plans.

Landscape designing - construction, planting, lighting and furniture

Preparing Garden Plan, Methods for pricing, proposed design and maintenance.

Utility of Landscape - Landscaping public places - offices, parking, industries, hostels, societies, educational institutions, bunglows, hospitals, public amenities,

Selection and use of plants for specific purposes.

Terrace Gardens - In hotels, corporate offices, waterproofing, drainage, load, design, suitable plants. Terrace gardens for Homes and Societies

Water and Irrigation Systems. Modern methods, Rainwater Harvesting, Recycling of water. Plants with low water requirement

Maintenance of Landscape Garden. Care & maintenance of lawns,

Maintenance of Shrubs & Trees, Seasonal plants, Potted palnts, Indoor & Outdoor. How to use pesticides, fungicides, weedicides.

Pruning - Use of tools & equipments.

Urban Forestry - Introduction, Importance and need of Urban forestry, Conservation of environment, Includes roadside planting, Traffic Island, Public & Private parks, Reserved areas (sacred groves)

Transplanting of big trees

Flora & Fauna of city (particular area), Birds & Butterflies, Role of community in conservation of our environment and trees, Trees with Historical/Religious importance, Participation of children & senior citizens, Effects of construction activities on tree growth & how to protect them, Indigenous Vs Exotic species, Plants suitable for urban areas (Trees & Shrubs), Role of NGOs, Local organisations, Govt. & Industries

Assignments :

a) Start your own home composting and use it,
b) Prepare a landscape design of either a residential plot or small industrial plot or public garden or terrace garden, c) Prepare annual maintenance schedule for a public park,
d) Make an inventory of Trees & Shrubs observed in your visit. landscape designing

Visits : Reliance Garden, Hanging Garden, Private Garden, Hornimal Circle