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Language : English
Commencing : 5th May, 2012
Duration : 25th to 31st Dec, 2009 and will continue on week-ends of January
Time : 11 AM to 5 PM
Instruction fees : 3000/- + Cost of kit
Maximum 20 students admitted per batch
theory Introduction to Electronics
ems Basic concepts (e.g. Voltage, Current, Power etc.)
theory Basic Laws (e.g. Ohm's Law, Faraday's Law etc.)
theory Introduction to Electronic Components (Passive)
ems Introduction to Semiconductors
theory Semiconductor Components (e.g. Diodes, Transistors)
theory Some simple circuits using passive and Active components
theory Logic circuits (e.g. Gates, Flip Flops)
theory Boolean Algebra
theory Introduction to IC555, IC723.
theory Introduction to IC555, IC723.
practicals Use of Multimeter
practicals Measurement of voltage and current
practicals Methods to read passive components
practicals Testing Semiconductor components
practicals Soldering Practice
practicals Idea of gates using transistors
practicals Introduction to IC's (TTL i.e. 7400, 7402, 7432 etc.)
practicals Demonstration Exp. Using IC555, IC723
practicals Tracing some complicated circuit
practicals Building & Analysing some simple circuits
Theory of creating Robotics mechanism will be explained with help of demonstrations. Basic ideas and movements will be taught. The necessary kit will be provided.
robotics Introduction to Robotics
robotics Introduction to Electrical Voltage, Current, Power Wires, Switches, Transformer Battery, Power supply, Solar Pannel's
robotics Introduction to Electronics
Introduction to electronics components (passive) Power supply, rectifier, regulator, battery chargers
Introduction to electronics components (Active) Timers, logic circuits, limit sensor work & applicationRemote controls working/applications
Audio/Video transmitter working/applications
Introduction to Micro Processor, PIC, STAMP, Computer controlling
Introduction to different types of AC, DC motors
robotics Introduction to engineering drawing (basic level)
robotics Introduction to MechanicsBelt, pully Gears, gears trains, speed ratio, Application of gears Pully, chain Traction belt advantages
robotics Assembling, Soldering the electronic circuit, Fault finding, Observation of movements & working
robotics Analisys of ROBO (Kit)
robotics Problem solving of 2 cases Diagram, concept clearing
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