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ems Brush up your Grammar & Conversational English  
Language : English
Duration : 40 session (4 weekends)
Time : 6PM to 8PM
Fees : 4000/-

The Centre for Extra-Mural Studies of University of Mumbai is organizing a course in "Brush up your Grammar & Conversational English".

The course is for those who have some knowledge of the language but are not quite confident when it comes to speaking in English. They could be graduates or undergraduates with subjects of specialization's other than English and whose schooling has mainly been in a vernacular medium. They could also be those who have never been to college but who can read and understand a fair proportion of what they read in an average English newspaper. And they could be those who understand in some measures what is spoken in English but are afraid to speak in the language themselves.

The course consists of 40 sessions (2 hours each) conducted on 4 weekdays. Maximum 25 students will be admitted in a batch.

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