University of Mumbai
Centre for Extra-Mural Studies
❐   Certificate Course in Geology

Medium: English

Next Batch : July 2023

On Sundays Only

Fee: Rs.6000/-

Time: 2 PM to 5 PM

Venue: Health Centre Bldg., 2nd Floor, Vidyanagari, Mumbai – 400 098.


Evolution of Earth – Tectonic aspects of India
Solar system. Age of the earth. Evolution of atmosphere. First forms of life & their role in generating oxygen.
Forms of rocks on earth. Fractionation of earth Pres. Structure of earth, volcanism, earthquakes, meteoritic
impact craters Interior of Earth

Minerals – Rock forming minerals - Ore – Industrial – Gemstones
Definition of Minerals, metamorphic minerals
Atomic minerals, physical properties,
natural mineral wealth of India/Maharashtra
A Synthetic enhancement

Rocks – Types / Rock cycle – crystallography

Soil – Types of Soil / Formation of
Soil / Soil Conservation Stratigraphy – Principles of Stratigraphy
Stratigraphy of India

Paleontology – Modes of preservation of fossils
Uses of fossils (fuels)
Important Indian occurrences

Geomorphology – Landforms in Maharashtra
Sahyadri, rivers basins, coastal, creeks

Geo diversity / Geo parks
Examples – Indian – World, Gilbert hill, Pali

Structural Geology & tectonics – folds mountains
Definition of faults,
What are joints, columnar joints
Definition & types of unconformity.
Dykes, Elephanta, Aksa

Ground water – Underground Reservoirs, aquifers & types
Definition of porosity & permeability, conservation of Ground water,
Coastal Aquifers

Environmental Hazards related to Geology, fluorites, Agates, silicosis, Asbestosis, Uses of minerals in medicines

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