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Language : English
Duration : 2 Months
Time: Sat : 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm , Sun : 10 am to 1 pm
Fees :6500/-
Venue: University of Mumbai,Kalina, Mumbai - 400 098.
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Understanding plants & their needs
Basic functions of plant parts, understanding needs of plants Selecting locations for different type for trees, shrubs, creepers, potted/ground plants, Seasonal/perennial plants, Forcing plants to bloom.
Preparations for planting
Soil types, Implements, Watering methods Filling pots/poly bags, making ground beds Direct/transplanting/broadcasting methods of sowing seeds.
Manures, Composts, Fertilizers
Organic manures: Farmyard manure, compost, green manure, Fish/bone meal, oil cakes Chemical fertilizer : Simple & compound fertilizers, Foliar fertilizers, micro nutrients.
Trees & Shrubs
Trees/Shrubs suitable for different locations, flowering type, decorative foliage type
Creepers & Hedge plants
Types of creepers, ramblers, hedges for security, topiary
Hanging baskets & Orchids
Various types of hanging planters, filling up baskets, use of moss/coir, suitable plants. Making moss-sticks, Types of orchids, planting medium, humidity, special needs.
Plant propagation methods
Sexual/vegetative propagation, Vegetative propagation by cutting of branches, leaves & roots, air layering, Wedge grafting, side grafting, veneer grafting, inarching, budding
Bonsai types/styles, technique, suitable plants, containers, planting medium, Training/wiring
Roses & Vanilla
Different types of roses, potted/ground rose plants, Manure/fertilizer needs, pruning etc.
Kitchen garden & terrace garden
Seasonal/perennial vegetables, fruit plants Green spices, medicinal plants
Lawns, Seasonal flowers, Cacti & Succulents, Aquatic plants
Types of lawn grasses, other ground covers. Preparation & maintenance ofImportant seasonal flowers, care & needs
Easy growing cacti, succulent & aquatic plants, special care & needs
Insects, pests, diseases & weeds
Insect pests, their prevention & control, some beneficial insects, Common diseases, prevention & control, Weeds prevention & control
Indoor gardening
Suitable plants, their special needs, growing plants under artificial light Flowering/foliage plants, Bottle gardens, tray landscapes
One Garden Visit and Two Nursery Visit
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