University of Mumbai
Centre for Extra-Mural Studies

Language : English

Group booking available course can be organised at the venue provided by the group.

Day 1: Chemical Reaction

Effect of heat on different chemicals

Color change experiments

Exothermic and endothermic reaction

Neutralization reaction with the hope of indicators

Color change in time to time with the same solution on different chemicals

Reactions with lead solution

Experiments to understand density


Paper chromatography

Preparation of H2/O2

Preparation of plastic sulpher

Day 2: Magic with Chemical

Magical writing

Writing with fire

Set fire with out match box

Magical water

Non burning substances

Burning water

Red dye on hand

Disappearing color

Bleeding Stone

Bleeding leman

Day 3: Chemistry in day to day life

Checking pH of different food material ( Cold Drink, Milk, Water)

Checking pH of acid and base

Content in orange

Content in Sprey/Prefume, Nail Polish/Nail Polish Removing substance

Preparation of Iodex

Preparation of soap

Preparation of red dye

Application of dye on cloth

Contents in sugar

Preparation of different electro chemical cells

Day 4: Chemistry for Decoration

Chemical garden

Zinc furn in bottle

Cu furn in bottle

Preparation of tri color liquid

Mirror making