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bahishal shikshan vibhag
Language : English, Marathi
Duration : 2 Months
Fees : 4000/-
Time : Sat - 3 PM to 5 PM & Sun - 10 AM to 5 PM
On Saturday and Sunday only



What is film appreciation?

Elements of film appreciation.
History of Cinema
Kinds of film : feature, documentary, short, animation.
Film Genres.
Film & Other traditional art forms : such as, literature, theatre, music, painting, sculpture, architecture etc.
How films are made.
Elements of Filmmaking - Production, Direction, Script-writing, photography, Editing, Art Direction, Sound, Mixing etc.
Film appreciation.
Art v/s Commercial.
Indian popular Cinema.
New Indian Cinema
World Cinema
Cinema & Myths
International film festivals
Film Society movement
Film & Society
Changing technology of Cinema.
Government Policies.
Members of Faculty:
Course Co-ordinator Lecturer
Mr. Ashok Rane, Film Critic & Researcher.
Visiting Faculty:
Mr. Sudhir Nandgaonkar, Film Critic/Film Society Activist
Mr. Govind Nihalani
Mr. Avadhut Paralkar, Producer, Mumbai Doordarshan
Ms. Maithili Rao, Film Critic
Mr. Arun Khopkar
Mr. Debu Deodhar, Cinematographer
Ms. Shravani Deodhar
Mr. P.K. Nair
Mr. Jafer Sultan, Film Editor
Mr. Anil Mohile
Feature films to be screened, which will be followed by discussion.
Pather Panchali Bengali Satyajit Ray
Meghe Dhaka Tara Bengali Ritwik Ghatak
Closely Guarded Trains Czech Jiri Menzel
Sant Tukaram Marathi Damle/Fatelal
Bicycle Thieves Italian Vitorio D'sica
Where Is The Friends Home Iran Abbas Kiarostami
Naseem Hindi Sayed Akhtar Mirza
Suraj Ka Satva Ghoda Hindi Shyam Benegal
Seven Samurai Japan Akira Kurosawa
A Short Film About Love Poland Krzystof Kiestowski
Short Films to be screened along with lectures
The Other Side
Big City Blues
Happy Anniversary
Trip To Moon
Lumiere Show
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