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Medium: English
Duration :July 2014
On Sundays Only
Time : 2 PM to 5 PM
Fees :7500/-
Ancient Indian Arts and Science is a subject which now attracts not only students of history, but also people from various walks of life. From artists, designers, architects to journalists, writers and scientists.

Those who could not take Ancient Indian Culture as their subject of study for graduation, still crave for knowledge of Ancient India and join various courses about Indian mythology, Vedas, Yoga etc. We offer special course in Ancient Indian Arts and Sciences to such people.

We want to attract people who for some reason were alienated from Indian Culture along with students persueing other disciplines or careers. Visits to Museums and other culturally important sites will make this course very attractive.

SECTION I (Ancient Indian Arts)
Module I
Stupa-s and Monasteries : Rock-cut and Structural.
Structural: 4 Schools or modes of towers / wooden temple / Jain Temples
Buddhist Chaityagriha / Brahmanical Temples / Jain Tamples.
Defence Architecture : Forts: Deogiri, Bhameri, Arthashastra. Water Structures: Pushkarani, Vapi, Gomukha, etc. Town planning: Dholavira, Taxila and Vijayanagara. Samaranganasutradhara and Arthashastra Industrial
Module II
sculptures Terracotta
sculptures Metal
sculptures Stone
Module III
paintings Rock-cut Paintings
paintings Paintings on Pottery
paintings Murals
Module IV
craft Everyday Art
craft Jewelry
craft Textile
craft Woodcraft
craft Pottery
SECTION II (Ancient Indian Sciences)
ancient indian sciences Astronomy
ancient indian sciences Ayurveda
ancient indian sciences Mathematics
ancient indian sciences Rasavidya
ancient indian sciences Krushividya
Field Visits
Nasik : Sinnar, Pandavalena, Chambharalena, Anjaneri.
Aurangabad : Ajanta, Ellora, Aurangabad, Lonad.Kanheri.
Museum Visits
Mumbai : Chhatrapati Shivaji Vastusangrahalaya, Bhau Daji Lad Museum.
Pune : Raja Kelkar Museum, Mahatma Phule Museum.
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