University of Mumbai
Centre for Extra-Mural Studies

The Centre for Extra-Mural Studies... a very difficult name, isn't it? But we compensate by making the department's working user-friendly!

Extra-Mural actually means extra- outside and mural- walls. Extra-Mural Studies means studies outside the walls. Walls mean barricades of various kinds.

We have done away with many such deterrents. We do not have age and qualification bars. Our courses are enjoyable, for we avoid boring teachers and strive to make the subject interesting by organizing site visits, study tours to suit the purpose.

We hold most of the courses on weekends or in the evenings.

Our admission procedures are very easy. We accept payment by cash, so that, if you cannot attend the course, you can get full refund, before the course starts. You only need to fill the form with your name and address (and a photograph, which can be submitted later) and pay fees in cash. However, we do not accept registration on phone. We are also very sorry that the university does not have pay-pal system in place, so you will have to come yourself or send somebody with cash fees and your details.

Some of our courses are certificate courses, some are utility courses and some are hobby courses. We also have special vacation courses for children in the summer, Diwali and Christmas vacations. We cannot place advertisements for our courses. We depend on courtesy by news-reporters for publicizing our news items in their newspapers. Thus, we can keep our fees affordable. We also depend on mouth publicity, which our students are sure to render.

Since our courses are on weekends, you will find EMS staffers in office on weekly offs too. Therefore, if you cannot come on week days for enrolling you can do so on weekends too, mostly between 3pm to 5pm. Navigate through our website, find out what interests you, and join the Extra-Mural family of joyous learners. For any doubts, you are welcome to visit the office of the Extra-Mural Studies. It is a very friendly place.

Welcome to the Extra-Mural Studies!